EAA Black Hills Chapter 39

Rapid City, SD


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, Nov. 13

 at WREA

(SE corner door; Scott will be there to greet)

6:30 Hangar Talk

 7:00 Program

Dale Freeman will present USAF Experimental Projects and Roswell.

 followed by meeting
Upcoming Events


Benkerts’ Annual Fly in/Drive in Family Picnic

The weather forecast is looking great  for next weekend. Fly-In will be Saturday, October 20. Hope to see lots of people and lots of planes!


When: Oct. w0
Where: Dan’s Airport
Time: Arrivals 12 to 1;  lunch approximately 1:00

Pulled pork, beans, soft drinks, and water will be provided. Please bring munchies or a dish to share if you can.

Guests are welcome. You may bring your kids, as long as you supervise them.

For more information, contact Dan at 431-6060


Driving: From town, take Highway 44 east to Long View Rd (angles off to the left at Dollar General store). Go east for just over 5 1⁄2 miles. (After you cross Radar Hill Rd., it’s about 2 1⁄2 miles. Or if you take 44 and turn onto Radar Hill Rd, turn east at the first 4-way stop onto Long View. Two mailboxes (one with our name on it) will be on the right. Turn and come straight down the lane to Dan’s Airport. Our address is 15045 Long View Rd. Dan’s cell phone is 431-6060.

Flying: 1) Normal contact with Rapid Tower (125.85)outside of 5 miles 2)Advise of your intent to takeoff/land at Dan’s RWY 13/31, depending on winds. 3) Traffic permitting, they will usually tell you “Cleared as requested” and give a caution advisory. NOTE: They will not clear you to land. 4) They may ask if you have permission, as my operating agreement with them specifies prior permission to land except in an emergency. I will make sure they are aware of the event. 5) Runway is 2400’ long and grass cut short The west side is smoother than the east side. Park on NW side. If full, park south of east hangar.




Hints for Homebilders videos at eaa.org