EAA Black Hills Chapter 39

Rapid City, SD

                                                 John's Jabberings


We had a successful open house and Tri-Motor tour in spite of the weather. While I would have hoped for more flights the weather is something that we can’t do anything about. The tally on flights was 2 on Thursday, 2 on Friday, 16 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. That put us at just about a breakeven point for the tour. The food was fantastic for the open

house. Terry and his family did a GREAT JOB and took a lot of their time to prepare the food and serve it up!

I want to thank everyone that pulled together and helped with this event. The chapter really comes together when we do events like this. Saturday we had approximately 250 people that came out to see the aircraft and Tri-Motor. We had about 20+ general aviation aircraft on display, both homebuilt. a certified motor-powered glider and a SDARNG Blackhawk helicopter. The weather cooperated for the whole day even though we got a little nervous in the afternoon as thunderstorms rumbled past to the southwest.

I don’t have any accounting of the income and expenses yet for the event but as soon as I get that I will post it for everyone.

Now keeping all of this energy focused and rolling, WHAT DO WE DO NEXT?
The burger burn will be July 10th at 6:00. Scott Racynski will talk about his Gyroplanes and

if there is daylight left he will give rides. See you all at the meeting!!

See you all at the meeting!!

Hints for Homebilders videos at eaa.org