EAA Black Hills Chapter 39

Rapid City, SD

                                                 John's Jabberings


December is here already and it seems the whole year has flown by.  I accepted a second term as president and my goal is to grow this chapter!  I held a planning meeting Saturday, December 2, 2017 to discuss the events that will get our chapter more known and grow our membership.  I want to thank everyone that took timeout of their Saturday to attend and actively discuss ideas.  We discussed the open house which we are doing this year!  I have contacted EAA Tours and we are on the list to host the Tri-Motor in 2018.  EAA does not have a schedule yet so sometime early 2018 we will know the dates.  If you were a part of the effort in 2016 then you know it takes a lot of work to bring this together.  Those members that couldn’t get involved last time please be ready to lend a hand!


The upcoming year is going to get us involved in the open house, fly in pancake breakfasts, aviation projects, and Young Eagle events.  I want to contact the school district and get them involved so our younger generation will know what aviation is and the opportunities in aviation.  We are going to host workshops that give participants’ hands on demonstrations of the processes involved in constructing aircraft.  The Young Eagles events will give us the opportunity to introduce the youth of the area to the exciting thing we call aviation.


I am attending the EAA Leaders Conference, January 19th through the 21st in Oshkosh this year.  I want to be able to take away all the tools and resources available to make our chapter a growing and viable organization!  This is a great opportunity to learn what other chapters are doing to grow and remain enthusiastic.  Bruce Bowen has committed to attend with me so it will be great to have two perspectives and stir up ideas in our chapter.


I’m excited about the possibilities that this chapter has to introduce the Black Hills to aviation.  We just need to do something!  It will take time and talent to pull off these events and the reward will be well worth it.  The good news is that this chapter has an abundance of talent but we need your time.  Step out, volunteer, do something that will light the interest in aviation for our youth and community!


At the next meeting( has been postponed a week to December 19th_ we will discuss the planning meeting, Young Eagles, open house and other events for 2018.  Bring your ideas I want to hear them all. Oh, and bring a friend or two to the meeting and let’s have some fun!  You do remember why you started flying in the first place??  Fun right?  Get others interested and participating in general aviation, it’s the only way we are going to see general aviation continue.


See you at the meeting!

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