EAA Black Hills Chapter 39

Rapid City, SD

                                                 John's Jabberings


 Weve had some pretty crazy summer weather and then it was winter! Seems like Mother Nature is forgetting spring and fall more and more around here. Thats why we enjoy South Dakota, right? It keeps the weak out of here or at least makes them go south for the unhospitable seasons.

  This year weve had a couple of good fly-in/drive ins with the chapter and I hope to do more in the upcoming year. We need to see what else we can do to attract more members to the EAA and our chapter. We are planning a Christmas party. Do you have an aviation topic you are passionate about -- Im looking for a speaker or a program

I planned to go to Oshkosh for a leaders conference but unfortunately I was not able to attend. We need to setup a planning meeting and do some brainstorming on events we would like to put on for next year. We have discussed an open house again for next year. We need to start planning that now. I dont know what is available for a main attraction, either static display aircraft or a flying/ride aircraft similar to what we did with the Trimotor. Give me some ideas!

I listed myself as the Young Eagles Coordinator so someone interested has a point of contact. Im sure one of YOU has a desire to introduce youth to aviation and would love to take this on. Look at where the overall state of the industry and ask yourself what CAN I DO to help change it. If you only introduce one person to aviation its a positive impact. We also could host a Flying Start seminar. This is something I learned about through one of the EAAs online webinars. The EAA has a ton of resources for this and will help get the word out. It is also something that we can use to attract the local media and get even more coverage. Ill discuss this more at our November meeting.

 Speaking of the meeting, we are going to try out a new venue at least for the winter months. West River Electric Association has a fantastic meeting room that is available to any nonprofit organization. Scott reserved it for our November meeting. Please come check it out and let me know what you think. It is easy to find and guests dont have to go through a gate and fenced in area to get to us. See YOU at the meeting



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