EAA Black Hills Chapter 39

Rapid City, SD


tems for sale, trade, donate, free.  Al Neal 342-5717.  20% of sales will go the club.  Make offer on anything and suggest places to donate.  All of the asking prices half or less of retail.


Cont 0200 Exhaust- straight pipes- free                 Pilot supplies –knee boards, other ??Cont 0200 mount bushing set- $20.00,                    Vacuum Pumps (overhauled)  Airborne  211cc & 211cc-9

Cont 200 heat box experimental –free,                                 Hobbs pressure switch - $10.00

Matco   Parking brake valve - $50.00                        Heat muff 1 ¾” pipe - free

Hand held radio Terra - $50.00                                    2 ½” Y w/flapper – Five Star –free

Crush plate for wood prop 6” w/2 ¼” spacing $30.00        Red Silicone Baffle material 1/8” x 3” x 9’

AN type- 3 pin jumper cables  20’                             Parker flaring tools -$50.00

Tubing notcher - $20.00                                                 Gas welding set new in box -  $100.00

Collectible aircraft series, die cast Texaco & John Deere have  20+  @ $25 -30.00

Headsets – D. C. H10-30, Blackhawk XL, ADI pair w/bag, Telex HTW-2A, Mic- TEL66C--offers

Pilot aircraft handbooks , Most Beech King Air models, Some Cessna

Complete Aircraft guide, consists of eight volumes – offer

Many coffee table books, Time Life Series, Lindbergh, Wright Bros, welding, aircraft building etc. –offer

All Kitplanes since #1, Sport Aviation since 1962, Private pilot, instrument, other training course books & too much other info on flying and various Kit aircraft.  Plans Cuby, Flybaby others.

Some hardware and other stuff, if you are looking for something, ask I may have it. I’m done flying.

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